Who is Ian Maclure?

I am! I am an environment artist with a passion for beautiful scenes and gorgeous games. I've always wanted to make games, and I was putting around in map editors for years before I even began to discover the vast intricacies of creating game art.

In 2007 I enrolled in the University of Huddersfield reading Games Art and Design. With the university I have taken part in the Imagine Cup and Microsoft x48 gamecamp competitions and graduated with an Upper Second Class BA degree with Honours in July 2011.

In my spare time I am an active member of the online game arts community (especially enjoying the company of the lovely denizens of Polycount), and I am consntly following industry news, trends and technology. Games wise, I adore the art of Mirrors Edge, Bionic Commando, Guild Wars and Brink.

Skill Set

  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Zbrush 3.5
  • Unreal Development Kit
  • Source Engine
  • xNormal and Crazybump

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